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The mission of Mentoring Viable Prospects (MVP) is to provide
opportunities and exposure for young athletes pursuing a college
education. Our objective is to positively mentor each player in the areas
of character development, social and emotional growth, academic
achievement and physical well being. Mentoring Viable Prospects will set
a foundation for success on and off the field.

Strategic Positioning:

The Premier Summer Tournament will provide an opportunity for high school baseball players to showcase their individual skills in preparation for collegiate scholarship opportunities and possible careers in professional baseball.

Strategic Objectives:

• Develop a premier high school tournament of baseball players for possible
- review by college and university coaches and scouts from the NCAA and
- Major League Baseball Association.

• Provide inspiration and guidance to high school baseball players by exposing
- them to the knowledge of how to:
- - - Set realistic aspirations
- - - Develop a baseball resume and video profile
- - - Network with collegiate baseball players and coaches
- - - Interpret data concerning baseball recruitment

• Mentor each player in the areas of character development, social and
- emotional growth, and physical fitness.

• Mentor each player in the areas of academic achievement by encouraging
- him to maintain good study habits, which can lead to "eye catching" GPA's
- and standardized test scores for collegiate applications and baseball
- scholarships.

 Greg Goodwin
 Greg Davis           
 Kenneth Glenn      
 Milton Sanders      
 Paris Burd               

 Melvin Traynum

 Emmanuel Upton


 Clyde Smith  

 Charlyce Henderson 

 Ron Smith 

 Reggie Bonner 

 Marc Denmon 

 Brooke Goodwin

 Lindsay Goodwin        


 Danny Montgomery      
 Steve Williams             
 Clarence Johns

 Tim Osborne

 Marquis Grissom            


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